August 27, 2007 4:50pm CST
Well first of all yo to all of you wow players out there ;] The thing i want to talk to you people about is powerleveling in wow.A friend of mine along with me have decided to start doing powerleveling and what i want to ask you guys if anyone is interested ;] If you are send me a message and we can talk more about it there : PS : Also if you guys have any tricks regarding this issue please share ;] blizzard ain't watchin....i hope _
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19 Dec 07
In my opinion, power leveling has become all but obsolete with this latest patch. They have made it easier to solo-play through most of the game, not counting instances of course. My suggestion is to quest solo, hardcore.
@noah2413 (405)
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30 Aug 07
One trick is to have a high level. Then ahve the lower levels that you want to powerlevel with him. Go on an instance, like Scarlet Monastery, and have the high level go and kill everybody, while the others are grouped iwith him. They might do soem minor healing spells, But the high level should be able to take care of himself. A good example is a lvl 60 Paladin, who runs around the monastery, getting tons of aggro. Once they are all rounded up, use AoE to take them down fast. To see this Levle 60 paladin, go on youtube and search "wowhobbs" Note: I am NOT wowhobbs
27 Aug 07
Be carefull where you sell youreself mate :p