Have you ever played a "OUIJIE"board game?

@peanutjar (5211)
August 27, 2007 10:26pm CST
I have ONCE before and it freaked me out!I dont if it was because i was nervous,but my mind starting playing tricks on me alot and i never slept that night because it felt like someone was in the room with us.It was a difference sense,a sense of unsafeness.Have you experienced something like this?
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@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
14 Apr 11
I never took my chances playing that game. It's too eerie for me. Actually there was a local film about it. A group of friends lost control of the board game that released the spirit that started to hunt them one by one. I was so scared watching it, I don't want to play that board game.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
14 Mar 11
Hi. peanutjar. No. I have never played this games before. I have thought about playing it, but I don't think that I have the guts to play it. I have heard so many bad things about this game. This game is very scary and creepy. I hope that nothing emerged from this game after you have played it, seriously. I don't want to mess around with games like these. They may invoke an evil spirit or presence that I can't get rid of.