wrongfully accused Please HELP!!

United States
August 27, 2007 11:10pm CST
My son and his girlfriend were living together. he comes home to find another guy had been coming around when he was at work. he leaves. we get a police officer to go with us to get his belongings, but the cop says we have to hurry, he has a warrant on her. so we did. I called the county attourny where they lived and asked him if we could go back and get his things and that she was in jail. He says yes if my son has a key and lived there. So we did just that , and left her things and alot of his. but the same county attouny signed a burglary 2nd warrant for us, when she got out of jail a month and 1/2 later. I have a copy of my cell phone bill where I spoke with him on the phone. and he is still pushing it. Any idea what we can do. I paid lot rent for a month and a 1/2 and paid the electric bill which was in her name. I have the money order to prove that 2. along with canceled checks for lot rent. And the judge tells us both sides have to show him evidence. God we need help!! I have never ever been in trouble in my life... but her.. well many times.
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