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August 28, 2007 12:16am CST
dear dear friends form all over the world, here i would like to start a discssion with goes like this.i am a new teacher who will have my first year in one of the best schools in my be frank, i didn't worry about it at first.howevev, after having been told that i am going to teach senior high students, i am a little bit scared. i began to worry about my following days.i am not sure whether i am able to teach them,since most of them are top studens can you tell me how to tide over this kind of fritening thought?how to be a teacher that students all have faith in you?
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28 Aug 07
if your aim is to connect with your students and make them respect you, then let me tell you about the teacher I respected the most and learned the most from when I was at school. he was both smart and down to earth, he never made us board and was always up for a joke, I remember one time we had a question about how the hight of parents can effect the hight of the child, well after exsplaining the stuff a friend of mine said "but I'm taller then both my parent's". well quickly and with a calm smile he said "then, how tall is your milk man", every one laugthed including the boy who asked the question, this is because the teacher known that respecting the boys comments and knowing that he will find it funny (because the boy was a bit of a crazy loud mouth) kept the boy from being angry and stoped him from asking any more stupid questions and aloud him to pay attention more. the boy learned in that one lession more then he ever learned before and continued paying attention more in the following calsses, sounds like ball but it is true and the teacher latter became a uni professor and the last I heard of the boy is that he was doing well and still uses stuff he learned from that teacher. trying this approch can be risky and do not attempt to make rude jokes until you have learned about your different students and how they may react to jokes of this nature.
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• India
28 Aug 07
One of the noblest of all professions in the world is teaching. You just do the job sincerely, get involved in the topics and the students. Rest will be history. You will be pied piper of your students.
• China
28 Aug 07
thank you