Bittergourd and health

The Bittergourd - Bittergourd a good medicine.
August 28, 2007 3:09am CST
I have heard people say that bittergourd will help us in reducing sugar level. I am diabetic and so i am much concerned. But my family doctor said that it doesnt help in any way. So i do need help. Please do help?
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• Spain
30 Aug 07
Hi Diabetes is a very complex health problem, and it isnt only about blood sugar levels. As you may know, it can lead to serious problems if mistreated, but fortunately, we can count with a wide range of meds to keep it stable and avoid sequels (cardiovascular, kidney damage, blindness etc). What i mean is, treatment is tough for all diabetics. i know that. But there is no magical natural pill. And this is not a pharmaceutical conspiracy (and believe me, i hate those corporations too). Diet, exercise and meds. That will be enough to keep it under control. I hope everything goes well with you.