Do you bargain when you buy goods from the stalls along the street?

@lisa_wxy (393)
August 28, 2007 9:40am CST
sometimes you don't go to the supermarket to buy food or fruits ,or even some things you used daily,you buy from the stalls along the street.that means they can move from here to there. The owner we call them ---vendors,some of them are farmers or low-salary worker who do this to support their family. i usually by fruit there,the price are much cheaper than the market and the fruit are fresh.i don't usually bargain. i wish they can make a better living too. what about you?
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• United States
28 Aug 07
We have a lot of Farmer's Markets around here. They set up in empty parking lots, the fairgrounds or sometimes along the road. I enjoy buying at those because the veggies are very fresh and they have great prices. I don't usually haggle, I just pay what they ask. They are definitely cheaper than the grocery store.
@lisa_wxy (393)
• China
30 Aug 07
i did the same way:) the way they make money is not easy,and the things they sell are much cheaper than supermarket.
@Mitraa (3188)
• India
1 Dec 07
Yes, I do bargain. Unless I bargain, I can not get into the real price of itms! I think, to bargain is a healthy practice in marketing. We all must do it well while purchasing from streets. Thanks for this nice discussion.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
4 Sep 07
Usually I love to buy things in the supermarket. I love supermarkets with so many things on the racks for the customers to choose from. Therefore there is no need for me bargain for anything. They often have something on sale and you can always buy them without paying much. Supermarkets are always nice places for me to do some shopping.
• China
1 Sep 07
i would taste but no bargain,the prices are lower than supermarket,the fruits are more is ok. the reason i want to taste is mainly becuase i once buy grape from a farmer without tasting,then i went home and found out that it was very sour,i can't stand it.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
29 Aug 07
Hi there. I do bargain in street markets, I can usually get away with a good deal too somtimes... I wouldnt go barter or try to get a bargain on food stuff, just mainly clothing and footwear...
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
28 Aug 07
Food Market In Old Cavite - This photograph represents the native fruits, melons, etc., usually found in the markets of the various cities and towns. The stands are generally kept by women amd girls, all of whom smoke cigars and cigarettes.
Yes I do bargain when I buy goods from stall along the street. I agree that their price is much cheaper compared to the supermarket. We have lots of streets stall here in the area that I live in, just outside the building of our apartment, most of the vendors already knows me and I still bargain with them.:-)
@tuffy999 (794)
• Philippines
28 Aug 07
i love buying stuffs along the road. i don't bother haggling for the price for i know the things i'm getting is really fresh, and by just seeing the smiles on the faces of the farmers is more than enough not to ask for a discount.