GL.....Fall Previews

@tad1fan (3373)
August 28, 2007 9:41am CST
Reva realizes that Josh and she are still married. Reva learns where Josh’s retreat is and makes her way to locate him.Jeffrey follows Reva and tells her she needs to let go of Josh. In front of a prayer group,Jeffrey pours his heart out about how Reva has changed his life.When Jeffrey returns home,he discovers that Olivia has evicted him.Reva convinces Jeffrey that he should move in with her.Reva gets hit on by the divorce lawyer she’s meeting,while Jeffrey's ex-girlfriend,who is a client of his,makes a pass at him. Reva admits to Jeffrey that she is ready to start a new chapter in her life;with him in it.Olivia tells Jeffrey he’s only in Reva’s life until Josh decides to return to her.She tells Jeffrey that she blackmailed Reva about Jonathan and Sarah as a way to get him back. Dinah tells Cyrus she saw Griggs,but Cyrus tries to convince her that she was only imagining things. Matt pulls a startled Dinah into a kiss. When Daisy learns of Alan’s plot to keep Gus from Harley,Alan has her arrested before she can tell anyone. In an effort to cheer up Marina,Coop convinces Ashlee to go out on a double date with him. Griggs and Cyrus continue to plot to take all from the Spauldings. Alan learns the truth about Jonathan and Sarah. Cyrus reveals to Marina he plans to steal from Alexandra and the Spauldings.He proposes that she run away with him to start a new life,but the plan has dire consequences for Marina.Harley,still hurting form Gus's betrayal,must step in to help Cyrus save [Marina]."Gus attempts to create a family for Rafe and natalia,but finds himself running into a stumbling block:Alan. Daisy and Rafe's romance reaches a new level,but a crisis sets off an emotional bomb in their families. Ashlee and Coop finally get together,but as Buzz "VS" Doris election draws near,Ashlee learns something about her past that could ruin the Cooper family."Billy and Lizzie's oddball friendship faces a test when a member of Billy's family runs into some unexpected trouble."Alan and Reva's budding relationship cracks at the seams when they leave town and return with a shocking secret.This will tie to the book,Jonathan's Story,which will be released September 18th. The 'new' Dinah makes a fateful choice that will alter her marriage to Mallet,forever. Cassie's desire to bring a new child into her and Josh's life takes a surprising turn and brings one of SF's most notorious characters back into the fold.
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