said something about china in your minds

August 28, 2007 12:35pm CST
Hello everybody,Did you know about China,have been to China.Said something about China in your minds. it is said that China now has reportedly behind the United States,Europe 70 years,really? living in this country,so disappointing.
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@vitekfdr (651)
• United States
7 Sep 07
I went to China.Overall the people were friendly, but they don't speak English as much as European countries do. You need a tour guide if you don't speak Chinese. There will be, what we termed the gauntlet, vendors lined up before the sites. But they take no for an answer. The Great Wall had the most. There were people on the wall selling things. Some of them were very nice about it though. They are almost as interested in talking with you as selling something. They like to practice their English. No doubt with that profession you live and die with the use of the English language. But I didn't get the feeling of being attacked when they approached me, like I did in Egypt. Also be prepared to go to a lot of friendship stores. These are gift shops that have different specialties (jewelry,clothing, etc...). They are very, very nice, but they are expensive. And we got one of the tour-guides to admit he got a 10% comission from what we bought. Not all of them operate like that, but Randy did (they all have English names as well as Chinese ones).So it was preatty fun and exiting
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• China
10 Sep 07
Hi vitekfdr, how much times you have come China? and all arrived any place? next time you will come china, welcome nanning ,guangxi. I can do you free guides. my Email :
@shuilo (15)
• China
1 Sep 07
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13 Sep 07
if you know more about china .you will found you were made a mistake .
@livelily (141)
• China
11 Sep 07
Hey, I am a Chinese, I don't know your viewpoint from where, but I very like my country, at least , we don't worry the stale air and something like 9.11 , so you should be feel happy for living in China.
• China
8 Sep 07