HOw do you find anything or anywhere in new york????

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August 28, 2007 7:52pm CST
Went on vacation last week with my husband daughter and sister... we all took a trip to New jersey six flags... well me being 22 weeks pregnant. it was thrilling for me ride wise. so as for my little part of the vacation we spent a day in New york.. ive always wanted to see the sttrue of liberty and the central park zoo and of course being a huge YANKEES fan i wanted to visit yankee stadium... well i got directions from our hotel to all three of our destinations... and my husband drove us .... man first off let me tell you i didnt care how bad i wanted to se all three of these places i was ready to leave after the first near accident with a taxi, and then the almost collison with a bus.... nothing personal but NEW YORKERS are scary drivers!!!!!!! i thought i was going to go into labor with all the frekain out i was doing! well we followed the directions to a "t" and all the streets or avenues i should say that we were supoposed to go down we did... all the visuals that we awere supposed to seee (landmarks) to let us know we were in the rigt place... we saw...but nope still couldnt find central park zoo.. couldnt find anywhere we wanted couldnt find the ferry place to take it to the statue of liberty, we mangaed to pay 16.00 for 45minutes worth of parking and then i was so exhausted of freaking out i said lets just ead home..well on the way outta there back to jersey we manaed to see yankee stadium from the hjigway it was soooo close i could taste it... lol BUt after a few directions and lefts were we needed rights and vice versa we finally found it.... man new york is a hetic place!!! it was a thrill and scare of a lifetime!!! any one else have similar stories or any other stories they would like to tell about there trip or trips to new york??
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@raychill (6530)
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29 Aug 07
I've been to New york a bunch of times... I have a lot of New York friends and Uh... The key to New York is, DON'T DRIVE! I mean, that's why so many New York City residents don't even own cars. That's why so many people who even live in the vacinity; Long Island, New Jersey, Upstate and even Connecticut don't usually drive to work. For one, Driving is horrible. There are so many cars and the taxi drivers forget that other people are on the road. Not to mention the amount of people constantly crossing the streets. For two, There is so much public transportation and it's not that expensive. Cabs are not the way to go. You want to get somewhere you take the Bus or the Subway... and FYI the subway isn't scary! My friend and I stayed there for New years this past year. We drove from Maryland to Long Island (About a 3 hour drive) and stayed in a hotel on Long Island (Cheaper than staying in NYC and I didn't want to stay in New Jersey). we took the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. Then we got a MAP. I've been to NYC before, but she never had so we bought a tourist map. They really come in handy. If you don't know the city and the way it works than you have to have the map. It's a great source and sure it's $6.00 at least, but it's well worth the money and will last you through many a trip! To get around NYC we got ourselves a Metro card and took the subways. Well we took a cab once because my friend wanted to but it was really pricey. So she took my advice and we subwayed it the rest of the 3 days we were in the city. It's really not bad, you just need to go a little more prepared next time. My advice for a second trip... Plan ahead. touristy areas will be crowded and you have to pick your priorities. Buy A map. It might cost a pretty penny but it will be a fantastic investment for future trips as well. and lasty... DO NOT DRIVE! Subways are the best way to go, but Buses or Cabs will be better than driving yourself!