George Bush

@lynne3 (66)
United States
August 29, 2007 7:29am CST
Power To The People. John Lennon could not have spoken more truth. The people have got to get it together here. As soon as we found out the Iraq war was smoke and mirrors,we should have stood up and tossed Bush out along with anyone else who neglected the will of the people. Just like the election incident in Florida. Come on people! Doesn't anyone think it odd that after 9/11 when countless good americans joined the armed forces in an effort to protect our country,suddenly our government decides to invade another country? Let Israel take care of the middle east,we give them BILLIONS every year,no questions asked. They kick the crap out of the palastinians constantly,they can handle Iraq or Iran or whoever if they feel the need. They have our government in their pocket. Doesn't anyone find it digusting that BILLIONS are being spent fighting this B.S. war while New Orleans is to this day DESTROYED? Those poor people got more help from the american people just going down there than they have from OUR GOVERNMENT! Mother Nature is highly pissed off and things are going to continue to get worse. What are you going to do when your home is destroyed and Bush does the same thing to you? The west is on fire,the mid west is under water,the southeast is in a drout,horrific storms are wiping out people everywhere. I feel sick to know if something happens to my home, Bush will let us die. He is like the worst parent,everywhere but where he should be,taking care of his people is the LAST thing on his mind. What about POWER TO THE PEOPLE and THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE? Have we forgotten the power we have?
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