Can fortune-tellers predict the future?

August 29, 2007 7:58am CST
Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting the future, usually of an individual, through mystical or supernatural means. It has many means in asia like Face-Reading Palm-Reading Kau-Kim - as in china Zi wei dou shu - "Is it really possible to predict the future?? Even if someone predicts that u will have a car accident tomorrow, will u go out of the house the next day?? by the way, will that ever happen?? And morover can u believe in the accuracy of the information they give?? there are many people who make money by giving some arbit good news about you.. this can become a sourse of distraction for the person himself.and can reduce the anxiety of the future. What if we could predict who wins a match and stuff?? will we ever watch it if the output is certain and known before hand?? And is it legal??
2 responses
29 Aug 07
if they could they would be winning the lottery every week
• India
29 Aug 07
its not enough that they jus say it na..:) it should happen too..
• Malaysia
29 Aug 07
I don't think they can predict the future through magic or supernatural means. People make their own future, it's not fated or destined.