what do you think?

October 26, 2006 6:56pm CST
So...there's this guy in two of my classes and his name is Eric. Before I thought he might be gay because he's really into fashion. My friends call him "RatBoy" because he kinda looks like a rat, but he's cute... I kinda have a crush on him because I've been getting to know him a lot better. A lot of people point out that he likes me because whenever i'm working he always comes to bother me by sneaking up on me or just stops to talk about things or tease me. Today when i had a huge migrane he was really concerned and massaged the temples of my head to make it feel a little better. And one of my friends decided to ask him a bunch of questions like do u like her? do u think she's sexy? Do u want to be her boyfriend? when asked this he paused for a long time and said..... "ummmm i really dont think im ready for a gf right now." I'm so confused....what do you think?
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