Will Yuwie really pay me?

United States
August 29, 2007 3:04pm CST
I recently set up a profile with Yuwie.com. Yuwie.com is a new social networking site. It's a lot like MySpace but with a twist. They claim to pay their users based on referrals and page views. Do they actually pay? Well, nobody knows yet. The site opened late in June and has not reported payable earnings yet. However, I suspect that they are on the up and up. They require you to fill out a W9. This is a form all employers use to collect the information they need to report payroll to the IRS. A friend of mine pointed out to me that you should never give out your SSN on line. But I think that rule applies to giving out your SSN in irrelevant situations. The general rule stems from the fact that a lot of people are easily fooled into believing that the situation is relevant. I decided to give Yuwie a try. I still don't know if they will actually pay me. But I have taken some precautions. 1. I have not filled out the W9 yet. I am waiting to see if others are getting paid before I provide any tax payer identification information. My profile works fine without it. I am still able to personalize my page and participate in groups and all of the other stuff we do in social networking. 2. I have engaged a service to protect my identity. You've probably seen the commercials on t.v. for these services. I would suggest having this kind of service anyway. It costs about $10 per month. Having said that if you would like to take Yuwie for a trial run, here is a referral address: http://www.yuwie.com/yuwie.asp?r=3839 You can watch the introduction video yourself. Let me know what you think.
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@josdevos (26)
• Belgium
29 Aug 07
Looks like a scam, look for people who are getting payed, if not, then don't fill out the forms required