Do you tend to FOCUS MORE on the PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE? Why?

United States
August 29, 2007 4:48pm CST
What drives or motivates your life today? Which do you think is the most important of the three? What made you say that?
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@freerr (667)
• China
2 Apr 09
Maybe most of people will say present. Yes, I think so. There is a good words in KongFu Panda : "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mistery, but today is a gift, that is why is called present". So, do you best in present, you will have a good tomorrow.
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
First, what motivates my life is the future. But the most important for me is the present because that's what we are in right now. The past can somehow help us in our way to the future. We were (PAST) born to this world to fulfill HIS plans for us, we are now on the journey (PRESENT) fulfilling those plans, and we are about to see if we have succeeded. (FUTURE). The present is what we have, the past has gone and the future is yet to come. So we should live life to fullest. Make each day count. Be the best that we can be in each and everyday of our lives learning from the past and loving every opportunity that comes in the future.=)
@jxchen (2)
• China
31 Aug 07
We can't back to the past and change it .Also the future is the rusult of present.So I focus more on the present,to live on present.
@Sharon38 (1916)
• Jamaica
31 Aug 07
Well for me the past helps to shape the present and the future.. I learn from the past so as not to make the smae mistakes in the present which will make a better future for me. The present because I cant undo the past but I surely can plan towards to future and try to schieve my goal
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
30 Aug 07
Hi there. I tend to focus more on the now, the present time, I do how ever think about how and what the future will hold for our children and the generations to come as well...
@friendship (2085)
• Canada
29 Aug 07
I've tried to focus more on the present and the future. But I can't forget the past because I can learn a lot from the past.
@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
29 Aug 07
to be truthful i find myself focusing on all of them. which is a bad habit for me. i need to focus on the present and the future.
@laurika (4536)
• United States
29 Aug 07
All of them are pretty importnat for us.Past can do a lot to your future, but we shouldn't turn back there much.It can stop your growing.Anyway I am focus a lot on the Past, always thinking what I could make different and other way.It's not easy to stop hing about that.I don't think that much about present , but future really motivate me and I am always thing about it in positive way.