Is it me or is anyone else tired of hearing about KATRINA?

@matlgal (1687)
United States
August 29, 2007 6:30pm CST
OK I am putting on my bullet proof vest here as I expect to get some nasty comments but gotta say what I feel right? It's been 2 years since Katrina hit, I am so sorry to hear of the people that were affected, I am sorry there are still things that are not rebuilt. But.... is there just a little chance that there are still people that are NOT willing to help themselves? I am not speaking of the sick or the elderly, I am talking about the people like us that have to get through it and move on? No I haven't been there, No I haven't seen it first hand, so if I appear to be cold I don't mean to. But I just feel that the media attaches itself to this like a batch of leaches and good lord on every channel every talk show, every opportunity is filled with "What didn't go right" instead of what progress was made? Am I wrong here?
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