how much is too much?

August 29, 2007 8:53pm CST
there are a lot of people who,in many ways had and have helped us a lot. personally, to where i am right now is because of those bunch of people who push me behind my back to be where i am right now. however, due to our debt of gratitude to them, i owe them one. but there are times, many times that i often would neglect and never mind that they need my respect too. in my jammed pack schedules, i just cannot say "hi" to them or say "i'll not be home".because of it, they reacted. at some point, i mean, many points, they were right. and me is wrong. am i right? i owe them respect. but how much is enough?
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@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
30 Aug 07
for you, how much is too much? for me, $1500 per month is too much . now i earn only $20 a month from online sites. hehe. it is far away from my aim. i'm a satisfied girl. i don't hope i can have lots of money, then i will have to change something that i don't want to. first, i can't make friends with others directly, because i am afraid that he /she wants to make freinds with me because of my money.