Do you get paid less for a post with bad grammer/spellings?

August 29, 2007 8:58pm CST
Well the discussion subject pretty much sums it up! I was just wondering if you get paid less for bad grammer and spellings? because you get paid for the QUALITY of youre post... And post length doesnt only mean quality, it also mean grammer and spellings... Thanks in advance for any answers!
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30 Aug 07
no i dont think you get paid less if you spell things wrong or have bad grammer, since a lot of the mylot members use english as a Second language and you have to expect some spelling and grammer mistakes. if they "penalized" ppl for making such mistakes it wouldnt be fair to ppl who are honestly trying but are not fully versed in the use of english. "quality" is more along the lines of say..a topic discussing a health or government issue vs. a question asking what color are your eyes.
30 Aug 07
Thanks you for explainging this to me!