Fidel Castro thinks Clinton-Obama ticket unbeatable: do you agree?

August 30, 2007 1:50am CST
The suggested Clinton-Obama 2008 ticket has an unlikely supporter: communist leader Fidel Castro. He called the pairing "invincible," but was quick to add that he did not agree with either one's proposed policies on his country. I found this headline quite amusing. Castro comes back from the grave, and one of the first things he weighs on is the USA democratic ticket. The two candidates have both publicly called such pairing as ridiculous. I agree with Castro, however. I believe that a Clinton-Obama in 2008 will win overwhelmingly. First, the Repulicans are already lacking one strong candidate. McCain is very intelligent and experienced but lacks the charisma and popularity that made Bush win. Giulianni is plagued with scandal. Thompson, the tv guy, has a strong fan base but would it translate to votes in the polls? On the other side, Clinton and Obama are very strong contenders. So strong that if they ran together, they could sway the undecided/independent voters to go their way. Do you think a Clinton-Obama ticket is invincible? Do you agree with Fidel Castro?
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