Fools Paradise

August 30, 2007 1:56am CST
How often do we live in a Fools Paradise, thinking something or someone will change for the better. We long for it to happen, and though we see that situation going on and on, we live thinking it will become better. I believe that one must take things in their own hands and work towards the goal instead of allowing things to take thier own course and hope for a better tomorrow. What say you guys ?
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• United States
30 Aug 07
It is sad that people are trained to believe that everything should just be handed to you. I have 5 girls that get mad because I just dont give them all they want. I believe anything that is worth having is worth working for and that is what I am trying to teach my kids. Call me old fashioned but I think kids should be taught the value of a dollar not how fast to spend it or, how to cheat someone out of it. Beside the world should not revolve are money (it's just paper). After the only thing that we can truly control or change is ourselves. We are what me make ourselves to be and nothing more. Free will is our right that no one can take from us. Thank you for this post.