Obligation to Parents

@raulgc01 (306)
August 30, 2007 3:30am CST
What can the children do in return to thank their parents for providing them life, love, home, education, etc.? 1. See to it that you provide them all the material things that will be needed to make their life comfortable or 2. Return the favor by also doing all the good things they've done to you to your children. if you can only select one, which will you choose?
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@vinzen (1022)
• India
1 Sep 07
Hi, I dont think we can ever repay them enough for whatever they have done for us, and being parents they never stop at doing things for us, even when we grow up and have our own kids!! They then do things for our kids and are always doing so right till the end i feel, so its very tough to choose one out of the two options you have put up here, but if we have to choose then i would choose the second option as matrialistic things one can always acquire and parents would already have got all that too, but if we can instill in our kids what our parents did for us and teach them to be good humans instead, would i think repay our parents all that theyve done for us. But i know i can never thank and repay them enough, right from when we were young, the things are unaccountable, and if i sit to mention and write here, i will fill up pages, i think each one of us feels that for our parents. And my parents never stop, even till date, thats why they are our parents as they care and love us unconditonally, always there for us.
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@vinzen (1022)
• India
24 Sep 07
Thanks for marking this as the best response, i appreciate that. Have a nice day :)
@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
30 Aug 07
i think that our children can try to live better lives than we did, be more successful than we were, help us in our old age as we helped them in their youth. I think that is a good start.
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