The "Fool Proof" Method to Make Money Online

United States
August 30, 2007 6:40am CST
Making money online is getting harder and harder now because everyone is trying to do it, so the competition is very fierce. Chance are most of you are member of one of those "pay to survey" or "pey per post" site. You're aren't making a enough right? Traffic is money. Here is how you can make money online more effectively and get result within 30 days. I call this method Bum Marketing and if you don't know what that is: Here is an outline of my method: -You write dozens of articles on a certain affiliate product that pay $30 or more. -You submit them to Article Directories. -People view them, click on your affiliate link and buy. -You get paid. Now there are a lot in between those step. I can't put the method here since I found it on this website:
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