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August 30, 2007 9:12am CST
I think that the season finale of Army Wives was pretty awesome, and it did what a good season finale is supposed to do, it left the viewer wishing that the new season was already beginning, even after the first season hadn't even ended yet! What are YOUR thoughts? Will anyone die as a result of the finale? If so, who?
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20 Sep 07
I love this show, the season finale left me bawling!! I can't belive I have to wait til spring for it to come on again. I love being an army wife, and this show makes me proud!!
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30 Aug 07
Hello and welcome to MyLot Sheila53. I thought the season finale of Army Wives was awesome! I've been watching since the beginning and really hated to see the season come to a close. The way it looked, most of the main group may be gone if the trigger actually gets pressed. That would be a shame as I really liked them all. It's so hard to tell if everyones loved ones flashed past because the bomb DID go off or if it's just a cliff hanger & someone actually takes action. Unfortunately, the military seemed to be going after the wrong person, so I think if anything does save them, it'll have to be someone at the Hump Bar that does something heroic. I wish I hadn't erased the finale so quickly as I swore I remembered seeing the new XO at the bar during previews and was just waiting on the hubby to do something to protect his unborn child.......... hmmmmm Who do you think will make it?