what to do??

love problem - heart
August 30, 2007 11:22am CST
i don't know what to do i met a girl over the net i loved her and she say's she love me too but after along time and only before alittle from now i cought her striping on the net she was showing off and say's it's nothing it's for entrtainment just fun no feeling she only love me and she's all for me how is that??? can u help me what to do? leave ehr or belive her?
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@vidyasma (91)
• India
10 Sep 07
if she is truely in love with u she is not suppose to do like that even lovers should be true to each other and our indian culture says that one for one. so if u find her striping and u are true on your side just try to forget her . because if u get married and findout that she is doing wrong things again then ur life will be miserable so do not hesitate to cut the relationshipe with her
@alice001 (18)
• China
9 Sep 07
I think you better to leave her! you and her can not get happy life.
• Philippines
1 Sep 07
i dont believe in this net relationship even friendship... lovers or friends must met in the eyes before they can tell they have something in them, before they say that he/she loves him/her...but i read a lot of story that love moves in this net thing, that they met their wifes/husband over the net...we never know!it depends on you!your the one feeling it...your the only one knows what best for you!
@cheska26 (34)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
well, you caught her.. have you met or dated? if you haven't then leave her.. its the best thing to do.
@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
Well, She maybe think that you will love her more if she will do that. Mostly, woman want to please their man to the extent that they will do something very weird that man could not anymore understand. I don't believe that love can be learn through the net ONLY... for me, if you love a person, you must know her/him physically, mentally, spiritually, historically... i just can't explain clearly my point about this but for sure, what you feel right now is not YET love although i also believe that love could be learn by constant communication, it might be through web or phone ( for long distance) but if still need a physical actions to complete it. I know what i said here confuse you. I am not good on explaining my ideas... i'm sorry but hoping that you get something from it... happy posting.