If you get a chance to become what u cannot become...what you want to be like???

to be like that..supporting each other in all aspe - it is a very good picture and i recommend every one in this world to be like that helping each other to live a happy life...
August 30, 2007 1:45pm CST
If GOD appears infront of you and given a chance to become what you can't become...let me know what you be like??? I'm from INDIA and If i get a that chance..first of all i want to born again to my MOTHER and want to give more love affection to my mother because now i'm far away from my mother due to Job.So if i get any chance like that i will definitely i'll ask god to make to stay with my mother and i want to be a good 'SON' to her to take love and care from her as i'm missing her a lot now....let me know what you people want to become if you get a chance................
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30 Aug 07
I will love to be very tall
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• India
30 Aug 07
that's very nice to hear friend and may i know why you want to be tall....
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
31 Aug 07
hello there. I would wish to go back in time to undo certain things I've done and to do certain things I should have done. Also, I wish for smoother hair. My hair is too dry and thick!! =(