God's Worriers

August 30, 2007 11:47pm CST
Have you send the program on CNN International God's Muslim Worriers, Gods Jewish Worriers, Gods christain Worriers. They are all fighting for the same cause but just different methods/strategies. I call it religious marketing: they join political parties, they look for suicide bombers, WARS, all in the name of GOD.... What do you think let me know. I believe in the Lord Jesus christ........
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@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
3 Sep 07
There's nothing religious about Christian Warriors, Jewish Warriors or Muslim Warriors. This is just a huge political thing among these groups. There is no such thing as a spiritual war, that these groups always scream about. A spiritual war would be something like spirits of evil and spirits of good battling each other in another plane or something lol.
• India
19 Oct 07
what you have comment is partly correct and partly incorrect -- the war against our selves in killing our wills or souls that goes against humanity and religious taching is much more bigger then the physical war which is again an important part of any religion. when prophit mohammad peace be upon him returned from a jihad(holy war)he asked people that we have fought smaller jihad now be ready for the bigger one -- every one was tired -- when they here what he said all of them got tenced -- they asked which bigger jihad is now left? then he (pleased be upon) saied the bigger jihad is to kill your soul against evel deeds, by disobeying satan. but many muslims do not understand this point and think that this war is the only jihad that prophit mohammad tought them. both the wars are importent but more importent is to kill our own souls against evil deeds.this is not the age to fight physically but mentally.