why some woman cheat on thier man now a days??

August 31, 2007 9:37am CST
some people think that, if a man cheat his gf or wife its ok, but why is it that if a woman cheat on thier man such a big deal? and even judge them right away without considering the fact that there must be a huge reason, or there must be a WHY question in the relationship???? are we in a position to judge them based on thier action...
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@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
6 Sep 07
co'z if the girl cheats.. it hurts there ego... co'z they don't want to feel how it feels to be cheated with someone.. so if the gf or wife is cheating.. well, they are just doing what there husband or bf is doing to them... its just pay back..
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
yes,I agree phayeth thanks for that response,"guys ego", but if the guy cheat its ok huh...without even considering there gf/wife feelings?
@bhappy2 (327)
• Australia
8 Sep 07
I think the reason people are more shocked when a woman cheats is because she could get pregnant to the other man. Her husband could end up raising a child that isn't even his. since DNA testing has been available many men have found out the children they thought was theirs are not. I also think that society hold women to a higher standard than men. They expect them to be more moral but they think, well men are just like that.
@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
31 Aug 07
Well, I cannot really answer your question, because I think that cheating is the same in both cases. I mean woman cheats on her husband is the same like the husband cheats on her. For me there is no excuse. The excuse could be that she or he is not in love any more, so there is no reason to be together. An other excuse could be that she/he is borded with the same woman, but this doesn't mean that he has the right to sleep with an other woman. He can just tell her wife (nicelly) that he wants to try more things and try to find an other solution together.