Lack of good Quarterbacks?

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August 31, 2007 1:50pm CST
I was just watching the NFL network when I heard a ludicrous statement: The NFL is lacking in quality quarterbacks. This made my jaw drop has I thought about all the decent people playing the position. So in this topic list a quarterback who you think is good, and give a few high points. Since I'm the first I'll take the easiest: Peyton Manning: Well, what is their to say about Manning that has'nt already been said? He's one of the greatest qb's of all time. He has a great arm and is a great playmaker. He can read the defense well and rarely makes mistakes. All in all Peyton Manning is a great player, and defiantly a quality QB.
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31 Aug 07
Are they crazy, there is peyton manning, drew brees, donovan mcnabb, brett favre, jake delhomme, vince young who is blossoming every year, brady quinn i think will be one to watch and what about john kitna he runs a high powered offense and puts up huge numbers. i dont know what they were thinking, and dont forget drew brees and matt hasselback, tony romo
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1 Sep 07
I think they might of been crazy. I mean, certaintly not every team has a great QB, but that doe'snt mean theirs a shortage of good QB's out their. I'm a big fan of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning myself. Would love to see the Patriots and Colts in the superbowl to see these two go against each other, would be a great game.
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2 Sep 07
My apologies to tom brady for forgetting to mention him.
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16 Sep 07
The Colts and the Patriots are both in the AFC. They can never meet in The Superbowl, only the AFC Championship and/or playoffs! PEACE