The Most Absurd.....

@lena2000 (2392)
August 31, 2007 2:31pm CST
What is the most absurd object you can think of in every day life? For me I'd have to think directions for my hair dryer...
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
31 Aug 07
Drive thru ATMs now with braille!! Boxes that say directions on bottom on the top; and do not turn box over on the bottom Giant chains that do nothing Fake shiny teeth that do nothing Some people's rims (You aren't cool, you look tacky) Ultra giant cowboy hats (okay, its big. so? no one really cares.) Doors with incorrect handles/directions My cup holder in my car (sticks to any drink, even water) Febreeze Air (its just too powerful chemical wise but really doesn't work)
@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
31 Aug 07
For me it's the directions on some bags of microwave popcorn. You have to take off the plastic overwrap and unfold the bag to read the directions. Then the first thing it tells you to do is to "Remove plastic overwrap and unfold bag"!