Why is it so much fuss about the whole Mike Vick situtation?

United States
August 31, 2007 2:45pm CST
So what!!! it was discovered that Vick was involved in Dog fighting...just fine the guy give him community service. I am a pitbullbull owner and a dog lover myself ...i wouldnt dream of fighting my dogs but we gotta face it pitbulls bulls are aggressive dogs and most are bred to fight..Its a sports!!!!..Im sure if Horses had they're way they wouldnt want to be ridin...or if mules and oxen had they 're way they wouldnt choose to pull 10 times theyre body weight in the scorching heat!!!...lol...and oh yeah ...look @ the Rodeo events..have u ever seen what they do to the poor lil Bulls to piss em off so they can shake the life out of those idiots that choose to hop up on em?...they squeeze there nuts ..ouch!!...smh...lol
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