The Rating Game

@Clubber (141)
October 26, 2006 8:50pm CST
It's only my 3rd day on myLot, and as I understand it, the higher your rating, the more you earn per response to your discussions, comments on others discussions. I also understand that for a community such as this to prosper and stick around, there's the need for informative, interesting and constructive posts. A community is also about helping eachother, so, my suggestion is, post something here that's interesting/informative/constructive, and then hit the '+' button on all the posts above yours, or everytime you view this discussion click on a few '+'s. I've been clicking on every plus sign I see in a discussion, aslong the replies have been constructive, so I've more than likely clicked on yours a few times :) If you stay active in the post, I'm pretty sure those '+'s will start adding up in no time along with your earnings, plus you'll get to know others, and hopefully have some very interesting conversations.
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