Duncan - naturalized pinoy?

Tim Duncan - 
an NBA superstar, startiing forward of the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan
@rouwel23 (1353)
September 1, 2007 6:40am CST
in our dreams of course. but last thursday me and my buddies were discussing about the recent feats of the Team Pilipinas in the FIBA ASIA tournaments. although we came just like 9th overall, I think the Team Pilipinas did good. then our conversation came into more of an imagination, what if Duncan suddenly became into a naturalized Filipino then he could play for Team Pilipinas, with just him into the team I think Philippines could qualify for the olympics. could the Philippines qualify for the olympics if Duncan was one of their players?I think the Philippines could, hehe, lol, I think the Philippines could. I do admire Duncan and he is a superstar in the NBA.
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