What Comes Around & Lovestoned videoclips

@Pompon (1758)
September 2, 2007 5:05am CST
Am I the only one who thinks that those clips were weak? First: "What comes around". I guess Justin wanted to make a short film kind of video but the whole flashy scenography, and somewhat action plot doesn't correspond at all with the lyrics. I think it would be better with simple video focusing on the music & words & emotions. On the other hand Lovestoned is a typical energetic club banger (exept the awesome interlude*_*) and the video seems so static (sic!). I don't like the equalizer idea and the way they did the interlude part reminded me of a sheep lol. I mean Justin's hair plus the white fluffy background xD Anyway, I know JT wants to do something new and fresh, but i always thought that videoclips should emphasize the song, not to compete with it.
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