smokers,do you ever think of give up smoking?

@kming52 (280)
September 2, 2007 5:33am CST
I smoked for more than two years.And I did much strugle in giving up it becasue of various harms could casued by smoking.I am not a smoker any more.But some seguelas is still there.It just takes time to cure ,maybe a long time.
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@yanjiaren (9050)
29 Oct 07
That is very good that you stopped smoking..there is toomuch pollution alrerady then if you smoke you will make yourself very unhealthy. Good to eat healthy snacks and food and you will feel better and better with every coming day, plus all the money you will save will make you feel better as you sepnd it or save it for better things..
@sunshinecup (7882)
2 Sep 07
You don't know how bad I would want to. But these things have me and have me good. I have tried a few times in my life to stop, but so far to no success. I have been a smoker since I was 8 years old. It scares me to think what it's leading me to.
@andyliuzn (991)
• China
2 Sep 07
Hehe, Luckily I don't smoke, but my father and my elder brother do. I always try to convince they two not to smokw, but they always have reason to smoke another again. Well, I ever found a report saying that if one doesn't smoke too much somking is not that bad to the health if he/she is already addicted to Smoking, giving up smoking too quickly would do them no good instead:) I dooubt its truth, and I do wish my Dad & my elder bro. could give up smoking soon! Andy
@Ravenladyj (22992)
• United States
2 Sep 07
I did quit cold turkey once for two the same time I also quit drinking....apparently I was unbearabel to be around cause a co-worker crammed a ciggie in my mouth and bought me a shot of jack while telling me to stop being such a b!tch LOL.....At some point I'm sure I will quit, I know my kids really want me to but right now just isnt the time...I'm still workin on staying clean and sober and the last thing I need is to add to my plate and screw up all of it ya know...Of course when I DO decide to quit it wont be easy seeing how I've been smoking for NEARLY 30 yrs now :-/ but ya at some point in time I'm sure I'll give it up...