When a friend dumps u and u don't know y

@raydene (9874)
United States
September 2, 2007 8:38am CST
What do you do when you send msg and emails and your friend doesn't answer? You check them on different sites and realize the friend is online but seems to be ignoring u. Do you sit and cry? Do you keep trying? And all the time u don't even know what u have done! What do you do? xoxoxoxo
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
3 Sep 07
Hi raydene! If in case a friend of mine just ignore me like that without any explanation leaving me clueless if I did anything wrong to hurt her, then I will do everything I can to reach out to her. If I have done all the things I know how and she still ignores or avoid me, then, I will let go and move on. there is nothing I can do if she would not want to see or listen to me. If she ignores the friendship we have, then I just have to let it be soehow. If the time comes that she wants to talk to me again, then I will listen to her but it will take some time for me to accept the friendship she might be offering once again. Take care and have a nice day.
@maheksaj (117)
3 Sep 07
absoultely nothin much ....i jus let it go because since the friend of urs is not aware of ur thoughts ...it is always better to speak rather to stay quite may the ilussion tht u have is not the real reason .but in any way if this the situation yhen i guess even u shld move forward with ur other frenz i hope tht will surely help u out...
@mummymo (23707)
3 Sep 07
I haven't really experienced this Mom so I don't know how I would react! I guess I would get upset but I would also wonder if there was some kind of problem and just send them little messages every so often so they would know I was still thinking of them! xxx
• Philippines
3 Sep 07
Me, if a friend starts to do that thing to me,i will just ignore them. What will i get if i felt bad, if they don't want my friendship then don't. I am sure there are lot of great people i will meet in the future why waste my time with them. God knows what they have lost!!LOL.
@whyaskq (7532)
• Singapore
3 Sep 07
Do nothing. There is nothing I can do. The friend has the right to choose his/her friends especially online ones. Unless we have many many private conversations out of the site and can be considered more than online friends, I would give him/her due respect if it is intended boycott. Maybe I would drop a PM and see what happens. If I am still ignored, then I will sure let it be.
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
3 Sep 07
I have a lot of on-line friends but I rarely "talk" to them. I just can't think of what to say, because I don't actually know these people. Some of them I've been friends with for 6 years or more but I simply can't think of what to say in 'real time'. Also, I'm usually busy doing stuff when I'm online and people wanting to talk to me is an unwelcome interruption. I know lots of people spend ages on messenger talking to heaps of people at a time even, but that's just not something I do.
@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
2 Sep 07
Do you know what I would do? I would write to this Friend and ask why they are ignoring you yes I would cry and I have done in the past but I have always made that attempt to find out why they ignored me In the same breath if they are able to do that to you they are not a true Friend But it could also be that this Friend is not getting your Mails or Messages so you need to get to them where you see them on line Sweetie and then you know they will get your Message if they do not reply then Sweetie forget it then This has happened to me twice and both times I had helped them out even though it was hard for me to do so and both times after that they did not want to know me Hugs to you xxxxx