Have you bought any Stock?

September 2, 2007 8:46am CST
Well, I am thinking of buying some Stock to make some extra Money? Do you think it is easy to earn money by the Stock? Do we need to spend a lot of time in it? Thanks for your answers. Andy
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@yanjiaren (9050)
2 Sep 07
I don't deal in stoock but I have invested some money in a private managed forex fund, run offline by a friend of a friend..But that is about it..I haven't really looked at stocks and Indices as such so would not be able to give a valid answer..but I will ask around for you.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
3 Sep 07
My wife has some scrips of leading international companies which were transferred to her by her father. It is earning quite a big money every year and the value of stock have gone up considerably.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
2 Sep 07
Well, lots of my colleagues have dealt with stock since the beginning of this year. Therefore I asked my to follow them as well. At the very beginning, the trend seemed to be great and my wife earned a little, but ever since the end of May, you know, the stock market seemed to have fallen very rapidly. Thus we lost all of the extra money we had won. We bought three different stocks. They are right now still not in good condition and have not helped my wife to get the loss of the money. If you want to invest some money on stock, I suggest that you should be very careful to watch the market and choose a best one to invest your money. Besides, it takes time to to deal with stock. If you have that much time, it is ok to get some stocks. I wish you good luck in your investment in stock.
• China
10 Feb 08
stock is a better kind of investments,but never the best. stock is the risk capital.before you do it ,you should ask yourself some questions. The first ,wheather your money is idle ? don't use all of your money in it! the second,wheather the stock that you'll invest is good ?don't invest some conporations to the bad! the last ,wheather you can bear some loss? I think ,you can invest the stock in asia.