Does your husband eat your food even when its bad? with out complaining?

September 2, 2007 9:13am CST
Usually, if the food is bad, they shout at whomever prepared it, But some instead, eat it silently without any comments. They will tell it is alright even when asked. Do you have such experiences? share it.
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@4ftfingers (1313)
2 Sep 07
Lol I love the title of the discussion. Do men not cook where you are from? :D
• India
2 Sep 07
I am talking about the majority of the people. I am from India, the 2nd most populous country. It is the case in my country (95%)
@ifnalife (323)
• Indonesia
3 Sep 07
hi vijay1wdv, i don't have a husband ,yet. but my father does that. He always in love with my mama so he pretend that the food its ok to please my mom. that is very touching though,.. remembering they are together for about 50 years.
@BinKsBaBy (507)
• United States
2 Sep 07
I dont really know I think maybe a few times LOL he never says anything but theres been a few times i see him choking it down with a smile and I wont touch it after my first bite!! LOL i guess thats how you know that you have a good MAN!
@kcbomba (616)
• United States
2 Sep 07
There's nothing wrong in complaining when you're dissatified with something, otherwise you'll just be pretending which is rather an improper way to sustain the bliss of ur marriage ; cause she'll take it that 'all is well' with the meal , and won't make any amendments cause she thought the meal was good ,and you concurred by going mute ,and at the end of the day she keeps going worse and worse . There's nothing wrong in saying , eg. 'My dear l really liked the last meal you know , but this one served does not seem like your usual -what went wrong ?' ln an understanding and polite way you'll pass the message across , than to bluntly keep calm over it - thank you !