a sensitive topic:TaiWan belong to China!

September 3, 2007 9:21am CST
Yesterday,when I sign up a foreign website,I found that TaiWan is in the nation choice blank.However,there is no China.I felt too angry that the host of this website have done this.What I want to tell him is that TaiWan is a part of China.In addition,China want to solve the TaiWan problem peacefully without war.That doesn't mean our country can not be able to solve TaiWan problem via war.
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
3 Sep 07
Interesting. I as an american may not have the right to an opinion here, but I'm going to give one anyway, since so many people in the world seem to feel free to voice opinions about our politics. Yes Brittan did ced control of taiwan back to china. However, Over the years Taiwan, had developed a very successful economy and lifestyle on it's own. They enjoyed many freedoms not enjoyed in the rest of china. Is it really in china's ionterest to take those freedoms away? Why can china not look at taiwan and see the success and try to copy it itself? I think china is a great nation, but I think too they could be even greater if they study taiwan instead of squashing it. Is that tiny little chunk of land that important strategicaly? With the enormous land mass and population china has, is losing taiwan really going to hurt china? Why not look at taiwan and learn from their success, I think this could be a very posative thing for china. Again, I don't live there but that is my 2 cents.