how many of you are cautious of looking good

@binny29 (1527)
September 3, 2007 11:55am CST
nowadays you find all the barber shops full of customers all just wanna look good and handsome so how many of you do care of face and hairs
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• India
13 Nov 07
I am very cautious of looking good.usually when i go to college i dont care that much about my looks since i always rush to the college at the last time.but when its about a function,i do dress up properly and try my maximum to make myself look good.these are the places where many people see you and as all know first impression is the best i always dress up well in such occasions.and also i dont apply anysort of talcum powders or something just washes my face and thats it,i hate using any creams or talcum powders.i dont even use a hair gel.
@marabdl86 (615)
• United States
12 Nov 07
I'm a guy and I don't really care about looking good. It's like when you don't put any extra effort into your looks or feel self conscious of yourself that's when you feel and look your best imo. You get alot of compliments even though you don't even expect them.
• India
11 Nov 07
well i don't know about men but all women are concious of their ever little they take care but they do something to looks good in their own means.
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
9 Nov 07
i think i can be counted in this thing. but isn't it that almost all people have this focused attention on this hairs or faces? i mean it is a common thing because these two are the tandem that other people would look, so maybe that's the reason why. well, perhaps one of the reasons. but then i know that things must not only concentrate on these alone. beauty goes beyond face and hair :)
@thefortunes (2368)
• Netherlands
3 Sep 07
Hi Binny29, is your discussion only for the guys on Mylot? I am asking since we women do not go to barbershops ;) But yes, I guess most women do go to their hairdresser at least once every 6 weeks, and I am one of these custommers, returning to the hairdresser every 6 weeks to have my hair done in the same model that I have lately, very short... And I took the step because of wasting less time while caring for it ;)