Is This Passive Aggressive Behavior And How Does One Address/Diffuse It?

@Asimk12 (740)
September 3, 2007 12:45pm CST
1.) They Misinterpret Your Words. Person A: I just edited Wikipedia and it felt so powerful! Person B: You really shouldn't vandalize Wikipedia. 2.) They Data Dump. Person A: I'm having difficulty finding adequate health care. Person B: No worry, I'll send you some car insurance rates. 3.) They Assume The Worst. Person A: The only DVDs I own are my actor ex-boyfriend's. Person B: That's a clear sign that you're not over him yet. 4.) They Don't 'Hear' You. Person A: My brother owned this Yahoo account before me. Person B: You're an architect; I read so in your earlier answers. 5.) They Miss The Point Completely. Person A: I had a wonderful time camping with my dad this weekend; these times are important the older I get. Person B: I'm sure your dad cares for you, but what good is he if you get bit by a snake and die. Maybe next year you'll be smarter when choosing a vacation spot. HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED SOMEONE LIKE THIS BEFORE? WHAT IT IS? HOW DO YOU MAKE IT STOP
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@Bbilal (2001)
4 Sep 07
i wouldn't say passive aggresive, scatterbrained on some, slightly paranoid on others, not trusting, with a little bit of venom that i couldn't tell you why. low self esteem and doesn't trust you.