How important is space travel?

September 3, 2007 1:00pm CST
Is manned space exploration really needed in the modern age? NASA has launched space shuttle Endeavour with a crew of seven. But do we really need to keep sending people into space? The mission has been a success so far, but as a precaution, Nasa has shortened a spacewalk by the astronauts to allow the shuttle to return to Earth earlier. It is concerned that if Hurricane Dean veers towards the Texas coast, it could affect Mission Control in Houston. In 1986 the American space shuttle Challenger exploded just after take off killing all seven astronauts on board while in 2003 Columbia exploded on re-entry also with the loss of seven lives. Is manned space travel still relevant in the 21st century and worth the cost? Is the risk involved in space missions worth it? Why does space still hold a strong fascination? Would you pay to go on a space flight?
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@xiuluoelly (1225)
• China
4 Sep 07
I yearn for space travel, although I have a fear of heights, but this will not affect me yearn for the right space, of course, right now for me this is just a distant dream to.
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@chnworld (149)
• India
3 Sep 07
Space travel is the gennext holiday trip. There is no harm in sending people onsite.but it should be carried out under the guidance of experts.well for me its obviously a dream for me. if it would be possible to afford for space travel, I will definitely go for this
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@kodie420 (872)
• Canada
23 Oct 07
Well for one thing I remember watching that space shuttle explosion in 1986 when I was in class. I'm not really sure if man really needs to travel space but with the way things are going on this planet with war, environmental problems, violence and so on its only a matter time before we need to find another planet to live on. I think the need to search space comes from traveling into the unknown and being the first to see something no one ever has before. Basically it human curiousity that drives us to explore unknown areas and helps us to invent things. Also the though of space travel is just not something that was really talked about until they finally got people into space living in a man made atmosphere which now has opened the doors to so many other possibilties. I hope in our time I at least get to see man land on Mars that would be incredible to me but only god knows what the future holds.
• Philippines
3 Sep 07
Space exploration is, I think, fundamental to who we are as a race. We are by nature a curious species, and since we've explored all there is to explore of the earth and most of the sea, space is what's next. We should explore it because it's there, and because we can.