Counter-Strike Source vs. Counter-Strike 1.6

Counterstrike Source - A CS:Source photo.
September 3, 2007 4:11pm CST
Hi peoples. Have you ever played Counter-Strike:Source? If you don't, I recommend it to you. If you have already played, congratilation, I want to know your opinion about this version, in analogy with Counter-Strike 1.6. I think it's much better, the physic, the graphic, the game per total, it's nice. I play it almost everyday from 2 years ago and I didn't get bored of it, I still like it. What do you think? Who is the best? Counter-Srike 1.6 or Counter-Strike: Source? I choose Source for now:P
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• Germany
11 Sep 07
I also play CS Source regulary and find it still amazing because of the massive amount of game servers, map and game modes available.
• Romania
11 Sep 07
Yes, CS Source is a great game, and, even is less played than CS 1.6, I think is much better, from all point of view.
• India
12 Sep 07
Yup u're right! Being a good graphics game CS 1.6 is bettter than source!
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@nehems (109)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 07
i like to plat it to.. i dont know why i like to play counter-srike condition zero now.. i got internet cafe and i play with all my friends 10-12 plsyers :)
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@viruzxp (63)
• Malaysia
13 Sep 07
well, both has its merits and de-merits. like you said, CS Source has a better graphic, physic. And I like the way things fly when a hand-grenade exploded, the environment of de-dust 2, the fire burning after the c4 explosion. But not all computers(in Malaysia especially) can really run this game smoothly at high settings. I like Source. Im totally in love with it. On the other hand, any computer now could run 1.6 on a high settings smoothly. Plus, Counter Strike 1.6 is always a great game even though it's old. But without the physic, and the graphic are outdated. Still, both are a great game and I hope both games would last forever. Im currently playing CS Source now.
• Romania
13 Sep 07
Me too, man. Congratilation for choosing CS Source, it's a great game. Also, in my country, not all people can handle with CS Source requirements, even me, I don't play it at high details. :D
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@resuab (265)
• United States
19 Sep 07
personally i have both games and id have to say, css is definately better graphics wise (obviously), but cs 1.6 has that classic feeling that i have to admit can keep me playing for a long long time :)
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5 Aug 08
Ive started counterstrike after i used to play it about 5 years ago going back i gotta say... its bloody hard to get back into the nick of things, endless headshots makeing the game appear its for the counterstrike veterans who own noobs like myself, im not looking for an easy game either, im keeping on with 1.6 but is there really any diffrence in source other than graphics??? (i remeberd when i first tried source ages ago and i took a real dislike to it, maybe now because ive lost my touch im beging to reconsider it again.)
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
4 Sep 07
Sorry mate, I don't really like Counter Strike, so I can't say...
• Bulgaria
29 Sep 07
C 1.6 is the best
27 Oct 07
I like cs, this is a first person shooting. More challenge for that.
• China
5 Sep 07
CSS has a good image but CS1.6 is more popular