happiness of life

September 3, 2007 9:22pm CST
How does everybody get happiness of life? When I was young, I lived in a lonely countryside far from city. But I was very happy. I often played with my little friends. We enjoyed ourselves very much playing all kinds of games. I often went swimming with my friends in the river. I caught fish in the river with my sisters. I never thought of unhappiness. Now, I'm in a city. I can't find the old happiness. Maybe it's the time. Where is it now? How can I get the happiness of life now?
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• Malaysia
4 Sep 07
That is called life. Switching between happiness and sadness. Could possibly change within a split second. But one more thing about happiness, sometime it can be created. Through what?. Through adaptation between ourself and nature. We can be friend to anybody that we like. Friend can be online and offline. So now we can create happiness through having online friends such as friends on myLot. When your feeling now no longer sad, mean you are enjoying your quality time and that is happiness.
• China
29 Sep 07
Hi! I agree with you. Happiness is a kind of feeling. You can get the kind of feeling by making friends on the internet or by taking a activity that you are fond of ao that you forget the troubles and get the happiness. Wish you happiness!