A Bad Friend Going Back...

@eliezl (766)
September 3, 2007 9:41pm CST
consider this situation. you are a good, loyal friend. you help that person every time she is in need. you have been there on her side in times of distressing situation. now. its ur turn to be the one in need. you ask for her shoulder, she's not there. you ask for her help, she mysteriously disappear. now, your on your own solving your own problem. when everything is solved...you haven't contacted that person you called friend after what she has done to you. but then, she came back waltzing back on your life. you try to avoid her, but she's persistent. how can u handle that situation?
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@Schala (62)
• United States
4 Sep 07
That type of friend is known as a "user". I have unfortunately had some experience with this type of friend. My suggestion would be to ignore her until she goes away. Use caller id to avoid her phone calls, and maybe she will get the hint. Or just wait until she has another problem and disappear like she did for you. If you don't like either of these situations, just try to continue to be a good friend, and wait for karma to take care of her.
@eliezl (766)
• Philippines
4 Sep 07
haha good idea! i will do just that. i hate being used..duh i hate being taken for granted...i guess by doing what you suggests im teaching a lesson of her own..to see thats just what she did when i need her..ouchieeee!