I was critized by my tutor,how should I do next?

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September 3, 2007 10:38pm CST
I was critized by my tutor this morning,because I have makes so many mistakes and I felt very sorry,so bad my mood it is now.I was not prepense,and I think my tutor is very despaired with me.Who can tell me how should I do next?
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• Malaysia
4 Sep 07
Good to have that as a life learning lesson. try to make a good combination between academic learning and life learning. Integrate both to be innovative in creating your nice future life. Don't you learn from the crying infant or baby. ask back your mother my friend. How many times does an infant fallen to illness before grow up as baby?. One view for sure there was pain to infant, but for biology reasons there was a genetic growth and cells to develop. Yeah...that your stage now. Your are not suffering if you learn from nature that nurtured you, but for your maturity development. Mistakes are learning process for human to do better and at the end find the utmost level of comfort. Do you feeling comfort with your mistake? For surely you're answer is no. So you should thanks a lot to your tutor because giving chances to for you to improve and make a good come back and blissful outcome. And did you know what efficiency means?. Learn it my friend. Efficiency means HIGH output with LOW input. Be your tutor as your friend and not your enemy. Take smart step and don't take clever step. As clever step will take you nowhere and whereas smart steps be always bring you to somewhere. Think about it and nailed your own head. What you should do? Go back to your tutor, ask him to teach you and at the end he will be the one who will you the tips of question before you face your examination. Take smart step, not clever step. Your tutor is your friend.
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• China
5 Sep 07
Thank you for your advice.Last night,I received my tutor's E-mail,he was angry but not so seriously as I think.From the letter,I felt that he love me,I his eyes,I am his child.As a former,while I was critized by him,I would be very dissatisfied with him,I thought he didn't love me even he didn't concerned for me at all.Now,I am sure that he love me,like loving his child,and I decide that I must think a lot about my future and study harder.Thank you.
@needy911 (52)
• United States
4 Sep 07
I take criticisms positively. It will motivate me to do better next time. Maybe you should show your tutor your efforts to really learn. So you can both work things out. Have a great day wangxiaozhi!
• China
5 Sep 07
Thank you.It is not terrible to be criticized,It is terrible that we don't draw a useful lesson from it and make the same mistake next time.I should follow you,and do better next time.