Google, the Almighty

google - Google, the Almighty
September 4, 2007 12:08am CST
Google is an amazing company. From little guy battling the giants, it is now making billions of dollars in revenues. It stood up for privacy rights when the US government demanded to examine search queries. It is always at the forefront of technology development. Today, what google does, everybody copies. It even had the foresight to acquire youtube before anybody else saw its potential. I still love googling (and yeah, they managed to create a new word). Its search engine is still tops, with its simple interface and fast turnaround. I do have one pet peeve: their lack of scrutiny of the ads. Seems anybody who can pay up get displayed on the side bars of their search page. I know it's the consumer's responsibility to check out the authenticity of the ads/companies but sometimes one foregoes this, simply because it's displayed on a trusted search engine. Can anybody else find fault with this company?
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