Who according to you are real smart the public or the election candidates?

@humbleme (1004)
September 4, 2007 5:40pm CST
Hello friends, Who do you think is real smart us ie public who votes every five years to choose our new leaders who promise us to show the path of heaven and during the end of their term we curse him and choose a new leader( as he then promise us toshow the path of that heaven added with some bonus). I just want to know your opinion is it us( the public) who are smart or is it the political election candidates who everytime gets success in making us fools are smarter than us lol.Like you I too believe in democracy and not millitary rule lol therefore every five years I too vote one of them in the election booth on my own style,I just close my eyelids and press any one buttonthat I feel soft lol,I hope if there is any election candidate in mylot he/she too will think about a voter like me at least for 10 seconds but I guarantee he/she will not dare to attack me as my finger can press his/her winning button too hahahahahahaaaaaaa
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