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@angle007 (168)
September 5, 2007 4:34am CST
Ok, my friend is a woman between 30 35-40. she has gone through 3 pregnancies, and now have three children and as most women my age know keeping slim doesn’t come easy. Ok,I have some friends who just have the figure of a model and don’t have to workout or keep a diet. (secretly I hate them for that hahah) I have some thai friends who are super slim BUT they haven’t had 3 kids The other day when I was out,a friend said.. ”oooooo you are fat”. Honest I’m NOT FAT, just well…haha .. think I’ll go into detail on this post?? no way….In this culture, its not rude to say that to someone but hey, when it comes to things like this, inspite of living most of my life in Asia, I’m very very swiss…. So.. again I surfed the net how to lose weight. Have you noticed that its sooo easy to lose weight online.you have the Idiots Diet, 10 Diets Rules that work, Lose weight Diet free Eat more and lose weight ARRRRRGGGGHHHH such bu****it. The ONLY way is to eat less and move more. Why is that sooooo hard?btw.. if you 1.very slim 2.super slim 3. you can eat as much as you want and not get fat you MAY NOT COMMENT on this
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