Do you miss someone now?

September 5, 2007 12:34pm CST
do you miss a person in particular? when did you last see him/her? As for me, I miss my boyfriend:(. I saw him last june:( But we still communicate though, it really means a lot. How about you? Do you miss someone now---a special someone, family member, friends, or among others. thanks my lotters..cheers~~~
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@jHoEn16 (2043)
• Australia
8 Sep 07
yesssss! i miss my families and friends in manila... the last time ive seen them was last june... just before i left to live here in au... i communicate with others through net but the others dont... and i miss them very much
@wz2007 (128)
• China
5 Sep 07
Hi rubix18 You are a girl of very heavy affection. In the future you certainly there well be the sweet love. As for I ,I have already got married mow, living very happy .I dissatisfied the wife works the attitude now. I think of and did not get married the past very much of she .Perhaps is I do not all right!
• Philippines
5 Sep 07
hi there.... right at the moment, im just missing my husband... weve been through a lot lately and i can really say that those trials made us stronger... and now it made me long for him... cause i can really say that nobody has ever loved me the way he did... thanks ^_^
@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
5 Sep 07
I miss a friend of mine that I met on the net. We would talk every other day. The last time I heard from him was on August 1. Since then I have emailed him and he has not responded. It is very unusual as he is very responsible. He lives in France and I live in USA. I know that if his pc broke down he would go to a cafe to chat with me so I think something must have happened to him. I never asked him for his phone number therefore, I can't call him. This has taught me a valuable lesson to ask my friends for their phone numbers and an address where I can reach them.
@Sheribabe (446)
• United States
5 Sep 07
There's many people I miss... It's funny, there's one person I think I may even miss I haven't even met yet.