Is Orkut still safe?

@resley (53)
September 5, 2007 1:40pm CST
That is the question everyone is asking. It is a well know fact that loads of international terrorists have been functioning through Orkut & that the police were keeping track of Orkut accounts. But after the recent murder case things have really tensed up. So what are your views on this topic? Is Orkut still safe? According to me it is still the same. It was never safe & wasn't meant to be either. It's us users that have to use our brains and be smart.
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@sajuman (1854)
• India
7 Dec 07
It is safe as the same...but orkut have limitations..Orkut...i think it became the last word for friendship nowadays...orkut orkut is coming to more popular...I am using orkut as my social site...No other site is this much cool and funny..I heard that orkut is banning in many countries... Thanks for the discussion....
• India
10 Sep 07
Well talking abt safety it can come frm within the user nd not the site! If the user doesnt allow unknown users to be added in their friends list, then those cyber terrorists can easily get ur personal information....Plus users shud put limited information on the net as they know its 2 risky!.....Well thats what i think what do u all have to say!
• India
8 Sep 07
well friend, u must know where to draw the line. no one can be on ur friend list unless u accept them. anyone's scrap doesn't mean a thing if u ignore it. its all upto u. if u let stangers get nosey, u ought to get into trouble. just try to stay away from people u dont know, and then probably orkut will be ur favorite networking site. also as i read in d earlier reply that everything has +ve and -ve efects to it. u have to learn to cope up. so enjoy orkutting as well as mylotting.
@chnworld (149)
• India
5 Sep 07
Everything has its bad side and good side. If you use orkut just to keep the network of friends strong i dont see any harm in it...But you should nt use the facility of orkut in a wrong way..