September 5, 2007 3:25pm CST
What do you think? Does jogging really make you in shape? Well, I'm very thin and I was wondering... If I could run at least half an hour a day, I would increase my muscle mass, or I would get thinner and disappear?
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@Dolcerina (3380)
• Hungary
7 Sep 07
All I can suggest: Just do it! Of course your muscles will be stronger. But it is very important, that you must not jog when you are hungry. So eat something half or an hour earlier before you begin your training. Your body needs energy for jogging too. When it does not find carbohydrate for it in your liver, it will begin to burn your muscles: first the muscles of heart. So everybody who begins to sport must to think what energy will his body need.
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6 Sep 07
no just jogging will not help you to get in shape and gain muscle should do some hard workouts and eat some supplements and healthy foods.visit it will help you to get fit.